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Pureflow Total Exterior Cleaning

Corey and Luke • Mallacoota

Serving the community after bushfire tragedy

Servicing numerous East Gippsland locations, from Bairnsdale to Mallacoota and surrounds, Pureflow Total Exterior Cleaning is a regional Victorian business offering domestic and commercial exterior cleaning. 

While the 2019 Mallacoota bushfires brought devastation and tragedy, Pureflow was one of few positive circumstances to emerge from the flames. The business, operated by Luke and Corey, was founded to help in the wake of disaster, offering its services to assist regional Victorians with bushfire safety. 

Jumping in to help after disaster

Luke moved to the Mallacoota area in late 2019 — shortly before bushfires erupted, devastating the Mallacoota area as citizens were forced from their homes. At least 4,000 people escaped the regional Victorian town as an out-of-control fire approached quickly. Houses and facilities were lost to the blaze, those who could not run emerged themselves in the water, and evacuees were housed in community centres.

As with many small towns, word-of-mouth experiences were recounted in the weeks following the tragedy. Luke recalls hearing shocking stories: “There were plenty of crazy stories going around about people, even some elderly people, getting on their roofs and cleaning out their gutters during the fires. They were doing whatever they could to save their houses.”  

With a set of skills that could offer great help to the community,

Luke decided, “I saw a need for gutter cleaning to prevent houses being lost and lives risked from climbing up on roofs when it’s not safe. And that’s how our business started, straight after the bushfires.” 

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Serving the community long-term

Pureflow continued to serve the Mallacoota community in the wake of the bushfires, offering an expanding variety of services that were in great need. “We started getting calls from homeowners who wanted their roofs and houses washed after the bushfires. We are glad to have started our business and glad that so many of the people in Mallacoota are proactive about keeping their gutters clean,” recalls Luke. 

With such an important local service being offered to a community that truly needed it, it was essential that Pureflow was set up for long term success. Pureflow teamed up with the Business Recovery Advisory Service, paired with advisor Phil East, to ensure the business was sustainable, profitable and thriving. 

“Being completely new to the business world, we had no understanding of how to create a successful business. Phil has helped us narrow our focus, set and achieve goals, find ways to overcome our challenges, and develop a foundation of understanding how to run a sustainable and profitable business,” says Luke. 

Advisory and mentorship for business success

Phil advised Pureflow on a wide range of business activities, from analytics to delegation and beyond. This mentorship has led to improvements in Pureflow’s CRM systems, advertising, hiring, planning, pricing, outsourcing, marketing, and much more. 

“The analytics of the business has been my biggest take-home point — recording and collecting enough data consistently over periods of time, and analysing this data in order to see trends and predict patterns in the future. This applies to our financial reports, marketing analytics, conversion rates and customer satisfaction. It has already made a big difference in keeping us focused and on track with our goals,” says Luke. 

Corey states, “Learning to let other people do things for us has been my biggest insight. Phil encouraged us to outsource tasks like getting our logo made and website designed, plus utilising existing educational material for our industry when it comes time to employ and educate staff. This has saved us a lot of time and energy, and the task gets completed faster and at a higher quality than what we could achieve on our own.” 

Luke and Corey agree: “We are very grateful to have been eligible for this service and to have received such a great mentor.

The Business Recovery Advisory Service is no longer taking on new clients.

Additional support can be accessed via Business Victoria which includes free 45-minute sessions with an experienced expert for help with setting business goals, resolving financial issues and more.