Galaxy of Crystals

Kristy Plozza • Warrnambool

When COVID hit in 2020, Kristy Plozza returned to one of her lifelong passions as a means of stress relief – collecting crystals. What began as a passion project blossomed into her business Galaxy of Crystals, an online retail store and market stall that specialises in bath products and crystal accessories, based in her hometown of Warrnambool.

While taking the first steps to get her business off the ground, Kristy reached out to the Business Victoria Concierge Service to ensure that she was on the right track. She found not only confirmation that she was ticking all the right boxes, but also a source of support and confidence to grow her business and achieve her dreams.

Would you recommend the Business Victoria Concierge Service to other businesses?

‘Absolutely. The Concierge Service will help you to get off that fence, take those first steps and follow your dreams.’

The story

Kristy Plozza started Galaxy of Crystals in 2020 after deciding to follow a creative pursuit during COVID.

‘I’d always collected crystals and rocks and natural things, so I started making candles and adding my own twist to them. My partner was also diagnosed with multiple myeloma during COVID, so it became my creative release from stress and anxiety during this time. Things slowly went from there.’

While Kristy has worked in multiple industries, including hairdressing, and has a degree in Environmental Science, she’d never found the time to actively pursue what she was passionate about as a career.

Having returned home to Warrnambool from travelling, feeling freshly inspired and with the support of her partner, COVID became the perfect time to throw herself into a new business.

My partner was the inspiration behind all of this.

‘My partner was the inspiration behind all of this. He always encouraged me to follow my passions and do what I wanted in life. So, after a bit of time off, now I’m pushing on and doing it in his memory.’

Having the opportunity to work for herself and spend more time interacting with people are the biggest bonuses of running her own business, Kristy says.

‘I’m passionate about what I’m making, I love working for myself and I love helping people. It’s great getting to work at your own pace and develop your creative ideas.’

Over the past year as Galaxy of Crystals has grown, she has been able to expand her business to run market stalls, including at the 2022 Port Fairy Folk Festival.

‘Markets have such a great variety of people. I find meeting like-minded people and sharing your experiences very therapeutic and healing for me. When I do a market like Port Fairy, I don’t even care about how much I sell, it’s about the interactions you get to have, and the joy you can bring to others.

… it was just a simple little rock, but to her and to me it was something much more.

‘What I love most is watching how kids’ faces light up when they see the crystals and the products. There was a little girl recently and her mum bought her a smooth little pink stone. It was only little, but she was so excited. And that for me is healing, as well as making her day. I hope she remembers that as much as I do, because it was just a simple little rock, but to her and to me it was something much more.’

The joy and effort that Kristy puts into her products translated into rapid growth for Galaxy of Crystals. This led her to begin considering more seriously the long-term potential of her business.

The Concierge Service

Kristy reached out to the Concierge Service when she saw it advertised in the Business Victoria Update newsletter that she is subscribed to.

‘I always read the Business Victoria newsletter. I find it to be a great source of information and support for small businesses, especially during COVID.’

Kirsty wanted to ensure that all her bases were covered before she went any further with her business.

It’s something I want to potentially do for the rest of my life.

‘I didn’t want anything to be half-hearted. This isn’t just something that I want to do for a couple of years, it’s something I want to potentially do for the rest of my life.’

When she first got into contact with the Concierge Service, the demand was steadily increasing for her products. While she was still employed part-time elsewhere, she had plans to move into business full-time in the next 5 years.

Kristy was provided with multiple resources to help her grow and establish her business, including free mentoring, Upskill my Business, the Small Business Bus. She was also referred to Jobs Victoria funds and ATO resources.

‘Speaking to the Concierge team, I was able to confirm that I was going about things in the right way. Sometimes it’s easy to get a bit lost in the process side of things, so to have that information laid out clearly was just really fantastic.

‘I’ve submitted an expression of interest for the Small Business Bus when it comes to Warrnambool, which I’m particularly excited for. Just like in my business, I love being able to speak with people face-to-face and work that way.’

Sometimes it’s easy to get a bit lost in the process side of things, so to have that information laid out clearly was just really fantastic.

The assistance Kristy received from her concierge agent gave her confidence that she was not only doing things correctly, but also would be able to take things to the next level with the support that Business Victoria could offer.

‘It was great being able to see the extra support that the Victorian Government is giving. I’ve been really impressed by what Business Victoria is doing for small businesses.

‘I’ve also loved reading the other Faces of Small Business case studies and learning about all these other fantastic Victorian small businesses and their amazing stories, and I hope I can connect with some of the businesses near me that I’ve learnt about via [the Business Victoria] website.’

The future

Over the next 5 years, Kristy hopes to expand her business to incorporate candle-making workshops and transform her space into an interactive crystal experience for her customers to add a new creative outlet for her town.

‘I love Warrnambool. I grew up here and now I’ve come back after 20 years of travelling around. The next step for my business that I’m planning is opening up a studio and doing some workshops, which is something we don’t have here in Warrnambool.’

Kristy says that the guidance and confidence she got from her discussions and ongoing support from the Concierge Service is and has been key to her success going forward.

‘Life-changing things happen when you realise that life’s too short not to just give things a go and follow your dreams, and that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I love about it, that it’s something I want to do.’

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